3-D Drawing/Sculpture Project

The Drawing 3-D consists of taking a drawing and transforming it into a 3-D sculpture. It starts with creating a drawing specifically drawn for the use as its foundation. Placing the drawing on a 12 inch square of black marble I cover it with a piece of acrylic for protection. Upon creating a digital negative of the image, which has been skewed, I cut out different sections to be used in the piece. Each section of negative along with its identical cut piece of acrylic is placed over the drawing of various heights to create a three-dimensional sculpture. This allows the viewer to see my rendition of a drawing with multiple levels, a sort of physical holographic sculpture.

Geo-Mechanical Abstract Art drawings copyright by @Bill Sotomayor      Denver, Colorado  /  720 415-5856

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Geometry in Motion 10 2015 - Sculpture side view