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Mixed Media Art 18" x 24"

Mixed Media Art on Canva-Paper 

Artistic paint-drawings created on archival canvas-coated paper using archival inks, watercolor, acrylic paints and markers

The Dream 2022 24x18 inches
Lights Wild Tenacity 2022
Still in Abstraction
Explosive Birth of Floating Triangles
The Colours of Music  2022
Untitled no 1__2022
A Self-Portrait of Brokenness  16x20
Togetherness Always Flourish's 16x20"
Sir Bionic Bird  16x20 inches
Colors in Flight  16x20"
Deconstructed Sunset over the Pacific Ocean 16x20"
Falling Squares  12x16"
Sails and Wing 9x12"
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