Mixed Media Art 18" x 24"

Mixed Media Art on Canva-Paper 

Artistic paint-drawings created on archival canvas-coated paper using archival inks, watercolor, acrylic paints and markers

A Self-Portrait of Brokenness  16x20  $800
Mended Broken Heart 16x20in $850
Togetherness Always Flourish's 16x20"  $850
A Rain Drop Envisioned 16x20"  $850
Sir Bionic Bird 20x16"  $850
Abstract Fire and Ice of a Diamond 16x20_  $850
Colors in Flight  16x20"  $850
Deconstructed Sunset over the Pacific Ocean 16x20"  $850
Spiral Reworked  12x16"  $650
Falling Squares  12x16"  $650
Sails and Wing 9x12"  $350