Artist Statement

Park in Carlsbad CA 2018

Art is the creative output of one’s own inner spirit. It reflects what is happening at that moment in time. As William Blake writes in his poem, Auguries of Innocence, “To see a world in a grain of sand….,” my art reflects a world that is in a constant state of turmoil filled with ideas and emotions. It has the qualities of being simple yet complex.

While studying Art, the combination of both Industrial Design and Fine Art started to merge in my creative endeavors. This resulted in my Mixed-Media drawings taking on a 3-D deconstructed quality combined with Geometric Abstraction. There is a sense of whimsical play within each piece. The colors unite as a whole, but not individually. Multiple layers are used to convey the illusion of depth. I want the viewer to be drawn into the work, to look at each component, and follow how all of the elements interact with each other. Many of my pieces can be rotated to change orientation, thus presenting an entirely different work of art.

I have created a unique style of art that at the same time is both intense and intimate.










Recent Art Exhibits
2016           Woodman Shimko Gallery, Palm Springs, California - Gallery                                      Representation
2017           Published in Artsy Shark article:
2018           Published in Artsy Shark "Artist Showcase Winter 2017"
2019           Published in Artsy Shark as Featured Artist
2021           RPO Framing and Gallery, Denver, Colorado - Gallery Representation